LITTLE FALLS - Little Falls officials hope state bonding money for the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic site will fly this legislative session.

Site manager Charlie Pautler says they're requesting $650,000, which is part of the Minnesota Historical Society's larger request of over $7.3 million.

The boyhood home of the famous aviator hasn't had any major work done since 1984.

The home is in need of routine maintenance like plumbing and electrical work, masonry repairs, and painting.

The Historical Society is expected to get less than half the money they're requesting.  Governor Mark Dayton and the Senate proposals set aside $3.25 million for the society, the House bill has $2 million.

The society does get money from the Land and Legacy Amendment, but they're required to spend that money on programming and can't use it for bricks and mortar projects.

Lindbergh's family lived on the property from 1901 to 1920.  The existing house was built in 1906.  Linbergh was born in 1902, and lived at the home until 1920 when he went away to college.

In 1931, four years after Lindbergh made his historic transatlantic flight, the family sold the home to the state.

Lindbergh visited the home several times over the years.  His last appearance was in 1973, before he died in 1974.

Next month will be the 85th anniversary of Lindbergh's historic flight. Read more about it.