ST. CLOUD -- The plan to renovate the facilities at the St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex has been included in the state bonding bill.

The project is getting $10 million in the form of a matching grant, which means the city will have to come up with the other $10 million for the expected $20 million total cost.

Tony Goddard is the Director of Community Services and Facilities. He says about $5 million will come from a couple of different city sources.

The food and beverage tax, which can only be used for capital purposes at the Convention Center, the MAC, and the Paramount, and then secondly a portion of the general sales tax.

Goddard says the final $5 million will come from sponsors, donors, and user fees.

The original request for $12.1 million in state bonding money was downsized to $10 million because the state is prohibiting the use of state money for artificial turf and building a west lobby addition onto the ice arena. Goddard says those amenities could be added later but would have to be totally separate from this funding.

He is hoping to begin some of the work next year, but cautions it will take time and will be done in several stages.

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