ST. PAUL -- Transportation officials are working to create Minnesota's second United States Bicycle Route.

Minnesota currently has U.S. Bicycle Route 45 which is also known as the Mississippi River Trail. Now, MnDOT officials want to designate a second bike route from St. Cloud to Fargo/Moorhead. The route, USBR 20, will branch off from the Beaver Island Trail/Mississippi River Trail (USBR 45) in St. Cloud and travel northwest to the Minnesota/North Dakota border in Moorhead.

The route will utilize the Lake Wobegon Trail, Central Lakes Trail, other regional trails, and even road shoulders.

USBR 20 will connect to points of interest, parks, campgrounds, and several cities along the way.

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MnDOT is looking for feedback on the draft route and taking suggestions for a route name.

The survey responses are due by Sunday, December 19th.

The United States Bicycle Route System is a national network of long-distance cycling routes.  It was established in 1978 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.


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