ST. CLOUD -- After a three-year hiatus, the 56th annual Juried Student Art Exhibition has returned to St. Cloud State University.

Peter Happel Christian, art professor and director of the Kiehle Art Gallery, says more than 80 students submitted work for the show in hopes of winning scholarships, awards, and the possibility to have their work purchased by SCSU for display on campus.

It goes into the university art collection, and then that art is on display. What's happened historically is the most recent year's purchases go on display in the hallway outside the deans' offices, and then they integrate into campus building spaces.

Jeff McMahon, WJON
Jeff McMahon, WJON

Makayla Zimmerman, a junior at SCSU double-majoring in art and psychology, says her biggest goal was to make the final cut into the show. Her piece, titled “Warm Place”, made the exhibition.

The initial goal was to get into the show, which I did, and then just to create artwork that is able to get an award of some kind, to get some sort of recognition.

The juror for this year’s exhibition is Twin-cities area artist and photographer Pao Houa Her. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will open a solo exhibition of her work this summer.

Jeff McMahon, WJON
Jeff McMahon, WJON
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The Juror’s Choice Awards were given to McKenzie Kuberka, Kourtney Fauk, and Breanna Rhodes. The Juror’s Choice Award winners are honored with a $200 prize

The 56th annual Juried Student Exhibition will be on display through April 29th at the Kiehle Art Gallery. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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