ST. CLOUD -- A homeless man in the St. Cloud area has pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman after she tried to leave him.

Thirty-five-year-old Dustin Bartkowicz pleaded guilty to 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct Monday.

Records show the woman told Bartkowicz in February 2016 that she was returning to the tent they were living in to get her belongings and was leaving him. He allegedly told her she wasn't leaving and a struggle ensued.

The criminal complaint accused of Bartkowicz of kicking her in the ribs and punching her in the face several times. He then allegedly removed the woman's clothes and forced sex on her.

After the sexual assault the woman told police Bartkowicz strangled her and put her in a "headlock", making it so she couldn't breathe. He is also accused of threatening to kill her and smash her head with a brick. Doctors later determined the victim had a fractured rib.

Bartkowicz will be sentenced December 1st.

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