ST. CLOUD - With the news that District 742 would maintain Clark Field last week, the Friends of Clark Field group is now exploring options to restore the field for varsity sports.

The original proposal to build a $26 million early childhood education, community education, media services and district administration facility on the site has been reconsidered by the district.

Ruth Kaczor says the district isn't planning any capital improvements for the field, so they're discussing fundraising and grant options. The group hopes varsity sports like football, lacrosse and soccer can eventually play there again.

"We're looking at a community funded effort to improve Clark Field and renovate it to a place where it can really be valued and used in our community."

The Tech Alumni Association came up with a $3.5 million plan a few years ago to restore Clark Field. Kaczor says they could tweak and adjust that plan depending on fundraising.

In the news release last week, District 742 said the grounds will be restored to accommodate physical education and youth activities. Irrigation water and electricity will be restored to the field.

Clark Field opened in 1942 and was closed to Tech varsity football in 2012 due to mold and structural concerns. The Friends of Clark Field hope Clark Field can play a part in any future district referendum.

"This is what we've heard from our community, that we do need this green space, that we do want to save it and make it valuable. It's going to take a lot of hard work. I'm excited about the opportunity to do that," Kaczor says.