DUELM -- Four people were hurt in a crash near Duelm Thursday afternoon. The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. on Highway 25 at Duelm Road in St. George Township.

The Minnesota State Patrol says an SUV was going east on Duelm Road and was hit in the intersection by a semi going north on Highway 25. The driver of the semi, 54-year-old Chehab Alzamily, of El Paso, Texas, was taken to St. Cloud Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the SUV, 73-year-old Phyllis Close, and two of her five passengers were not hurt.

The other three passengers, 77-year-old Barbara Kluk and 78-year-old Eugene Kluk of Elk River, and 78-year-old Lawrence Close of Zimmerman, all suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities say Lawrence was not wearing his seatbelt and did not go to the hospital, while Barbara and Eugene were taken to St. Cloud Hospital for their injuries.