SARTELL -- There is still a plan in the works to build an indoor archery range in a Stearns County Park. We first learned about the plan to build the range in the Mississippi River County Park a little over a year ago.

T.H.E Great River Archery Center President Don Primley was on the News @ Noon Show Tuesday to update us on the project. He says they already have an outdoor range in the park and with an indoor facility they could practice year round.

We'll be able to shoot leagues all four seasons.  We have interest in schools bringing busloads of students out to shoot, that way they don't have to shoot in their gyms.

Primley says archery is a growing sport, especially among women and girls. He says this will be a unique facility here in central Minnesota.

I don't know of any in central Minnesota that will be able to house and accommodate that many archers at one time.  You'll be able to have 56 archers at a time.

Primley says the total cost for the project is estimated at about $800,000. So far he says they've received about $200,000 of in-kind donations. A construction timeline is dependant on raising the rest of the money. Once it is built they will donate the building back to the county.

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