October 11, 1942 - April 10, 2021


Born in New Prague, MN to Helen and Johnny Bruzek (both deceased)
Passed away in St. Cloud, MN due to complications with breast cancer
Sibling: Greg Bruzek
Married: July 17, 1965 to Vernon R. Bartos
Children: Joel (spouse: Monica), Ethan (spouse: Negar), Darian (spouse: Kelly), Deverey (deceased)
Grandchildren: Bayan, Kayte, Emaan, Mona, Jazmine, Damian, Destiny
Great Grandchild: Bjorn

Bette was and is:

A poet, a singer, composer, musician, humorist, conversationalist, a teacher, vegetarian, gardener, environmentalist, meticulous laborer, master linguist, administrator, and proud mother/grandmother/great grandmother. As a Baha’i she was perseverant, faithful, unwavering, dependable, witty, humble, service-oriented, knowledgeable, honest, charismatic, a joyful worker, a pioneer, pure-hearted, orderly, creative, unifying, selfless, peaceful, courageous, optimistic, a constant learner, a room brightener, and a lover of all humankind. To everyone she was caring, empathetic, energetic, a great listener, witty, joyful, kind-hearted, generous, a real friend, and she had the standards of a saint. As someone delighting every gathering with her melodious and enthusiastic voice, she now warbles her pure melodies in the next life and has left many hearts full of love and beautiful memories.

A small private ceremony will be held at Daniel Funeral Home in St. Cloud, limited to family.

All are invited to her burial at North Star Cemetery (1901 Cooper Ave S, St. Cloud, MN) on April 14 at 1:30pm.