How well do you handle heights? I'm not great about it. Even when I know I'm safe, I still have an uneasy feeling when I'm up high. For example, when I went to Geroge Strait at US Bank Stadium I was in the upper level, and I was clinging for dear life to my seat. Dramatic I know, but I like to be close to the ground.

As I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a photo that caught me off guard. It was a strange-looking square that looked almost like a QR code. I stopped to read the caption and realized it was a photo someone had taken as they claimed the antenna of the Foshay Tower in Downtown Minneapolis.

My stomach instantly did a backflip.

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I'm sure whoever took this was properly harnessed for claiming antennas, and had all the right training but even as I write this I'm feeling slightly nauseous. I'm picturing myself claiming that antenna and feeling like I need to lie down for a minute and familiarize myself with where the ground is.

So just how tall is the Foshay Tower? Explore Minnesota shared this little tidbit online:

The Foshay Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Twin Cities. Utility magnate Wilbur Foshay built this endearing homage to the Washington Monument in 1929. At 447 feet housing 32 stories, the Foshay Tower was the tallest building in the Midwest for 48 years.

The average person can't go and climb the antenna, but you can go explore the observation deck on the 31st floor of the building. It is open everyday year-round from 9 am - 9 pm and tickets are $10 per adult, $6 Kids 4-14, and children 3 and under are free.

Personally, I'm really good with standing on the ground and observing the tower from that level.

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