ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud area school district is moving to buy over 60 acres of land for a possible new Tech High School.

The board approved the purchase of 62.12 acres of land (The Pelzer Property) near 33rd Street South. The price for the land will be $15,000 an acre for a total cost of $931,800 for the location of a new high school.

The Pelzer family is also donating 3.65 acres to the District for a total of 65.77 acres after the purchase and donation.

The proposed new Tech High School would fit 1,800 students and would have 360,000 total square feet for 200 square feet per student.

District 742 School Board Chair Dennis Whipple says the board is excited about the possibility of a school at the location.

The District also has 40 acres of land to the south of the Pelzer property. The city of St. Cloud swapped land with the district earlier this month in exchange for 66 acres of land to the north of the Pelzer property. The city wanted the land to be included in the Neenah Creek Regional Park.

Voters will need to approve the building of a new Tech High School this fall, along with renovations to Apollo High School. The district says the estimated cost for a new Tech and Apollo renovations will be between $120-$160 million.