ST. CLOUD -- With several different cultures coming together in St. Cloud, one area group is encouraging us to talk to one another.

Create CommUNITY is holding the 12th annual "Conversation on Race" on October 17. St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says, these conversations are the key to the community's health.

"There's no better way of doing anything. Whether it's relationship with your family, conversation is the key, whether it's your neighborhood it's the key or workplace, and the broader community, conversation is the key to understanding."

The event will feature food and small group conversations.

Create CommUNITY's mission is to "dismantle racism through systemic change", and their vision is to provide a "welcoming, non-discriminatory environment with respect and opportunity for all".

Eunice Adjei is with CreateCommunity. She says the goal of the Conversation on Race is to bring people together.

"The main purpose of the event is to bring people together, to really build relationships across cultures, and build a healthier Central Minnesota."

The 12th annual Conversation on Race is October 17 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the River's Edge Convention Center. The event is free, but they do ask you to pre-register at their website.

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