Video from a security camera inside the restaurant shows the moment a U of M campus shuttle crashed into Acadia Cafe.

I've only been to Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis once, but it was a memorable experience. It was 2016, and I was visiting the Twin Cities from Oklahoma (where I was living at the time) to meet in-person a girl who I'd been chatting with online. Our first date was scheduled for the following day, and I had pre-date jitters (that girl and I would go on to get married, but that's another story). It was Friday night, and I'd joined my sister, brother-in-law and a couple of their friends for drinks at Acadia. Well, they had drinks. I hadn't gotten into beer yet at that time, so -- while the others sipped pints -- I ordered a large chocolate chip cookie and a tall glass of milk. Seriously. I was 26 years old, out with a bunch of 24-year olds and eating milk and cookies at a beer bar. Like, I said, my only visit to Acadia Bar was a memorable one.

I was reminded of that story this past week when news broke that a University of Minnesota campus shuttle shockingly drove into Acadia Cafe. Photos show the bus more inside the restaurant than outside. Security footage from inside Acadia -- obtained by Fox 9 and additionally shared to Reddit -- shows the exact moment the bus crashed into the building. The shuttle comes barreling in from the street, plowing into the windows and into the cafe. Part of the ceiling falls, tables and chairs are scattered and a beer tap at the bar -- due to the building's earthquake-like shuddering turns out, pouring beer across the bar. The shuttle seems to come to a rest before accelerating forcibly, causing more damage.

According to various reports, two people were on the bus at the time (including the driver), and two people were inside the restaurant. Amazingly, no one was hurt, though the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Many on discussion site Reddit believe the crash was the result of a medical emergency on the bus.

"Definitely looks like a medical emergency," said one. "Especially with the acceleration after stopping."

Others were shaken at the thought that they could have been inside the cafe at the time.

"Probably many of us have had lunch sitting by those windows," said another. "Glad no one was sitting there at the time!"

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A Go Fund Me has been created to support staff of Acadia who are unable to work right now. As of Friday, over $11,000 has been raised.

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