FOLEY -- Benton County has a handful of construction projects scheduled for 2015.

The projects include re-surfacing County Roads 51 and 66 east of Foley, County Road 58 east of Sauk Rapids and North Benton Drive from the Bridge of Hope to Highway 10.

County Engineer Chris Byrd says they also may start prep work along Benton County Road 3 also known as the "3 Up the Hill".  That work would include the demolition of 19 homes along County Road 3.  But, Byrd says there won't be any impact to motorists.  Construction on the roadway won't start until 2016.

Byrd says they are still working to secure all of the financing for the "3 Up the Hill" project but will move forward on the work in 2016 one way or another because they risk losing a sizeable federal grant if they don't start the work in 2016.