COLD SPRING -- A Jacob Wetterling memorial tree has been removed from downtown Cold Spring and a Tom Decker memorial may take its place.

The city had to remove the Tree of Hope while working on the County Road 2 construction project.

Public Works Director, Jon Stueve says a new memorial garden will likely go up in place of the tree.

"Basically we would put in a garden with some perennials, flowers, mulch beds, add a flag pole as well, so we would have two flag poles."

Stueve says the garden would be a memorial garden for Officer Tom Decker and a new tree would be dedicated to Wetterling.

"We talked about moving that [the Tree of Hope memorial] maybe to the Pioneer Park or a park in town, somewhere in town where everyone can agree on a spot, where we can plant a tree and it's not going to out grow its area."

The garden would be in the same location of where the tree once stood, just outside the Cold Spring city offices building.

The city council decided tonight (Tuesday) that they would need more community input before approving plans for the memorial garden.

Jacob Wettering was abducted in his hometown of St. Joseph in 1989. He is still missing and the case is still under investigation.

Officer Tom Decker was shot and killed in Cold Spring in 2012, his murder remains unsolved.


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