COLD SPRING - Cold Spring is looking to start a city Facebook page in the near future.

Cold Spring currently has a website, but no social media accounts. The city is looking to hire a company to create and manage city social media.

City council member Jayme Knapp has been spearheading the effort and says social media could help Cold Spring grow.

"A lot of the younger generation that are looking to move and transition from city to a smaller town, they're going to social media."

Dan DeBaun, WJON

Waite Park company Dayta Marketing recently made a presentation to the city about managing social media. They would charge $1,150 to start up city social media plus $549 per month to manage the accounts. They also recommended an advertising budget for Facebook at $100 per month.

The Decklan Group from Elk River is also presenting to the city council on Tuesday night about managing social media.

Knapp says they are looking for an outside company to manage social media, instead of using limited city staff. He hopes social media will improve communitcation in town.

"How do we get the word out about Cold Spring? Whether it be events, local business, things happening or things changing. The idea came about to look into social media to do this."

Overall, the city council has been supportive of the idea of establishing a social media presence. The council will listen to the Decklan Group pitch and plans to further discuss the matter at their budget meeting in a few months.