COLD SPRING -- A great way to cool off in the summer, a fun place to bring the kids and an easy to maintain amenity for the city, Cold Spring is considering building a splash pad.

The idea of a developing splash pad was presented to the council at Tuesday night's meeting by community members, Tim Kraemer and Tom Kraemer. The details surrounding the splash pad such as the cost, design and location are still in the works but Tom Kraemer says he would like to name the splash pad in honor of the Cold Spring Fire Department.

"So we'd have ladders that look like a fireman's ladder, hoses that look like a fireman's hose and I don't know what's out there but maybe some statues of firemen. Whatever we can do that makes it look fire related we'd like to do it."

Tim Kraemer says the splash pad would benefit kids who live in town.

"Cold Spring has never had a community pool, we're surrounded by lakes but there's no lakes in the town, there's no swimming beach. I think you see splash pads go up in Waite Park, St. Cloud or different communities and you drive by and say that's pretty neat."

Both Kraemer's are forming a committee to help with the development process of the splash pad. The committee will be talking with the park board during it's next meeting, Monday, January 23.

If you are a Cold Spring community member and would like to be a member of the splash pad committee call the Cold Spring City Administrator, Brigid Murphy at 320-685-3653 or visit City Hall.