COLD SPRING -- The City of Cold Spring has named a permanent police chief pending contract negotiations. With a vote of 3 to 1 the Cold Spring City Council elected Chris Boucher as their top cop at tonight's meeting.

Boucher previously served as their interim police chief  of the Cold Spring-Richmond Police Department when former chief Phil Jones retired last year.

Earlier this year the council had made a conditional job offer to Eric Johnson. Further review found that Johnson had allowed his CPR and First Responder certifications to lapse, which resulted in a no confidence vote.

Boucher is currently paid hourly with the department. The council would like to switch him to a salary pay. City Administrator Paul Hetland says it's unclear how much money Boucher will be making during his one year contract but the city would like to stay within their budget of $65,000 to $80,000. Hetland says there are details that still need to be worked out on what his duties and salary will be.

Boucher was not present at the council meeting. Council member, Jan Dingmann questioned whether the city could hire a new chief because the previous offer to Johnson has not been resolved. Hetland responded by saying the council has the right to hire anyone they want at this point.

Hetland told the council that a benefit to hiring Boucher for one year is that it would give them more time to figure out what they want to do moving forward with the department. Boucher will serve as the police chief for one year pending contract negotiations.