ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A joyful reunion between an owner and his missing dog was captured on video over the weekend by a thermal drone of the man who helped find the pup on a St. Cloud golf course.

"I got eyes on her. You know the parking lot on the northwest corner of the golf course? I think I see her running. You're headed right at her. I see her! I see you guys! Oh my gosh."

The video shows Angie racing towards her owner, running happy circles around him after having escaped from a grooming appointment the previous day.

Jonathan McGowan is a civil engineer but uses his free time and thermal drone to travel around the region, helping pet owners in need through his company, Integral Camera Solutions.

"A lot of it just involves me searching on lost pet groups in Facebook and looking for cases that I think I have a chance of success in."

McGowan says he does this for free, but most of the people he helps donate money to cover some of his costs. He says he's had a few successes but nothing as inspiring as last weekend's reunion of Angie and her owner.

This story is courtesy of KFGO in Fargo.


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