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ST. CLOUD - The Metro Citizens Police Academy hosted its meeting at the Minnesota Highway Research Center last night, giving citizens a chance to practice driving police cars.

The Metro Citizens Police Academy is a ten week course that gives citizens insight on how their law enforcement operates. Participants get hands on experience and training from local police officers.

Former police officer and instructor at the Minnesota Highway Research Center Philip Larsen says the police academy is all about educating citizens.

"They're here to learn more about what law enforcement does, and to become more involved with their police department." Larsen said.

Driving skills were the topic of the evening, with participants getting a chance to practice some of the driving techniques police officers use.

"We're going to be doing everything from skid control to evasive maneuvers to breaking and steering in combination." Larsen said.

Police departments from around the area hope sessions like this one will give citizens a clearer view on what they do on the job.

More information on the Metro Citizens Police Academy can be found on this website.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News