Typically, Minnesota folks go all out for the Christmas season. They'll decorate their homes with twinkling lights, giant inflatables, and even a synchronized display.

But, not everyone goes all out for Halloween...so, when someone does, it's a must-see! There's a home in Minneapolis, Minnesota that's taken their Halloween decorating game up a notch.

The scene includes human-sized skeletons attending some sort of dance. It's a huge scene set up in front of the creator's property.

Chelsey Olafson with Hotdish Nannies took photos of the display and shared them on her group's Facebook page. Since being published online, the Halloween display has gained hundreds of reactions from the community.

Hotdish Nannies wrote, "Absolutely everyone near Minneapolis NEEDS to see this incredible Halloween display. The attention to detail in this Homecoming dance scene is remarkable."

The detail really is incredible. The skeletons are wearing clothes, there's a DJ, a punch bowl and the dancing royalty even have crowns. Not to mention, the skeleton hand placement is also funny!

If you'd like to go see this display in person it's located at 4133 Chowen Avenue South in Minneapolis! We've got a feeling this is going to be a popular stop on Halloween night!

Happy spooky season, central Minnesota!

Minneapolis Halloween Display


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