COLD SPRING - Craft beer brewing is a hot trend all over the country, and now we have some highly praised brews being created right here in central Minnesota.

Third Street Brewhouse of Cold Spring is the newest featured business in our "Made in Central Minnesota" series.

While the Third Street brand is new, the history of brewing in Cold Spring is over one hundred years old.

Two years ago, the company made the decision to rebrand as a craft brewery, build a state of the art facility and launch a line of specialty beers for a local market.

Horace Cunningham is the Director of Brewing. He's studied and worked for companies from Germany to Great Britain to Minneapolis. But, he says, getting the chance to create beers for Third Street is the highlight of his long career in brewing.

Cunningham says the fully-automatic brewing equipment they work with at Third Street, much of which was designed and assembled in central Minnesota shops, is some of the finest he's seen anywhere in the country.

Third Street General Manager Doug DeGeest seconds Cunningham's sentiments. He says, the strength of the Third Street brand is being built with a combination of well-made brewing equipment and a talented, 15 member brewing team.

Right now, Third Street Brewhouse offers 3 year-round beers, with plans to add a fourth some time next year. They've also launched two seasonal varieties. Their newest, Sugar Shack Maple Stout, which debuted on Monday, is brewed with maple syrup tapped from trees right around the corner at St. John's Abbey Arboretum in Collegeville.

You can find Third Street beers in over 50 bars, restaurants and retailers around Minnesota. The company also welcomes visitors for tours and tastings. To learn more or schedule a tour, you can call them at 320.685.3690.