AVON - We all know jewelry can be pricey, but tucked in the woods outside of Avon, a pair of sisters are busy designing unique and affordable jewelry for customers all over the country right from their home.


Gilded Gears, this week's "Made in Central Minnesota" business, is a partnership between  Emily and Rebekah Sather. They launched Gilded Gears in September of 2011, but are self-taught artists who have been making their own jewelry for many years.

The sisters describe their antique style as "steam punk," which Rebekah says is a Victorian-looking style incorporating things like old gears from watches and other industrial-looking accessories.

Emily Sather says the style can be difficult to describe, but they've received rave reviews from people seeing it for the first time.

Emily says they get a lot of their jewelry parts from e-bay, garage sales and thrift stores. They take care of all of their own marketing via the internet, and are now sending orders to places as far away as Arizona.

Despite success, the sisters says the goal has always been to keep their prices below $30.00 for each pieces for customers like college students and people on slimmer budgets.

Gilded Gears is based entirely online right now, but the Sather sisters have a goal of selling the jewelry in local shops and craft fairs.

You can see more examples of the sisters' work by visiting their website.