SARTELL -- A center that has been growing rapidly over the past two years needs your help to continue to help children who have been abused.

The Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center in Sartell is at the beginning of a community campaign to help raise funds for the center.

Katie Boecker is the Director of the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center. She says without the generosity of the community, the center wouldn't exist.

"A lot of our operations are having a building, having the space available for our partners to come as well as for the staff members that we have as far as for the medical, the advocacy. We have someone that meets with the family and gives them those services. But to pay for all of the salaries and other [expenses] we are looking at a $600,000 a year cost to operate. We do get about $250,000 in donations and grant funding annually that we have received so far."

Every year, CentraCare Health selects a beneficiary of their community campaign and this year the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center was selected. Boecker says they are hoping to raise the rest of the difference between what funds they have already received and the $600,000 that it takes to operate the center every year.

"Boser Construction will match any gift that someone provides up to $100,000, we're very grateful for that. We're really hoping we can receive some funds from the community so we can sustain the child advocacy center in our community."

The center employs five full-time and three part-time staff members. It first opened in 2016 in partnership between the Stearns County Attorney's Office and CentraCare Health. Since opening the center has been fully funded by grants and donations.

The main goal of the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center is to help children heal after experiencing abuse. Over 400 kids have gone through the center over the past two years.

To learn more about the process the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center uses as a child is referred to them, watch the video below.

If you're interested in making a donation follow the link below.

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