CentraCare enacted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine in August.  Dr. George Morris says "we are not firing anybody".  He says they are not using the vaccine mandate as an opportunity to fire anybody for not getting a COVID-19 vaccine.  He says they want all of their employees to continue to work with them and the decision to implement a vaccine mandate was to insure safety for all employees.  Morris says employees can request a medical religious exemption.  He says he expects to have a combination of 100% employees vaccinated or to have received a medical religious exemption.

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CentraCare has over 95% of their physicians, over 96% of their advance practice providers and almost 69% of their total employees vaccinated as of this week.  Morris says since they made their announcement in mid August they have fully vaccinated another 550 employees and he expects that number to continue to go up.  Morris says it is very important to keep their employees safe.

Dr. Morris joins me weekly on WJON.  Listen to my conversation with Dr. Morris about CentraCare employees below.



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