ST. CLOUD -- A new program in St. Cloud will be working to help kids shed some of their excess weight.

The CentraCare Pediatric Weight Management Program will start Tuesday at Lifestyle Health, inside the St. Cloud YMCA. The program brings in a pediatrician trained in obesity medicine, a dietitian, an exercise specialist, social worker and psychologist under one roof.

Dr. Andrew Maloney is the lead pediatrician and physician for the program. He says having all of these resources in one place with help kids and parents achieve their health goals.

"It's really just pulling everything into the same place because that makes it so the patient can come back, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It makes it a lot easier."

Unlike a typical visit to the doctor, the program takes place at the YMCA. Maloney says this works well for doing hands-on activities with kids.

"For focus isn't so much on exercise, it's physical activity. For kids, teenagers and even adults, physical activity should be fun, just play. Focusing on that, it [the YMCA] gives us some space for us to do those kinds of [activities], where we wouldn't have elsewhere."

Looking toward the future, Maloney says this type of program will help kids develop lifelong healthy habits.

If you're interested in signing up your child for the program follow the link below.

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