UNDATED -- Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. was the deadline for anyone filing to run for a local government office that is not participating in the Tuesday Primary election.

Waite Park Mayor:
Rick Miller (I)
Brian Sluss

Waite Park City Council: (2 open seats):
Shawn Blackburn
Mike Linquist (I)
Ken Schmitt (I)

St. Joseph Mayor:
Rick Schultz (I)
Anne Buckvold

St. Joseph City Council (2 open seats)
Kelly Beniek
Troy Goracke (I)
Bob Loso (I)
Carmie Mick
Paul Orvis
Mike Osterman

St. Augusta Mayor:
Michael Zenzen (I)

St. Augusta City Council (2 open seats)
Jeffrey Schmitz
Mary Coleman
Lee Meier
Nick Muller

Foley Mayor:
Gerald Bettendorf

Foley City Council:
Jack Brosch
Jeff Gondeck

Cold Spring Mayor:
David Heinen

Cold Spring City Council:
Jayme Knapp
Doug Schmitz

Rockville Mayor:
Bill Becker
Duane Willenbring

Rockville City Council:
Alec Bublitz
Frank Froehle
Donald Simon
Brian Stanger
Jerry Tippelt

Sauk Rapids-Rice School Board (4 open seats):
Ryan Butkowski
Jan Solarz
Mark Hauck
Tracy Morse
Olivia Kolbe

Sartell-St. Stephen School Board (3 open seats):
Jason Nies (I)
Taryn Gentile
Patricia Meling
Matthew Moehrle

ROCORI School Board:
Charity Bennett
Chuck Hentges
Sunny Hesse
Rebecca Leis
Lynn Schurman

These candidates will all be on the ballot in the general election in November.

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