Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota joined me on WJON today.  She says Minnesotans turned to biking, hiking, fishing and golf more than anything else this summer with Covid-19 changing some of our habits.  She says many resorts and camp ground also saw an increase in revenue compared to last year.  Indoor activities such as conferences did not fare well compared to last year due to Covid-19.  Listen below.


Parts of northern Minnesota are already seeing some leaves change color but Alyssa says they won't put out their fall color report until September 18 on  More and more Minnesotans spent time on Minnesota lakes this spring and summer.  Even though the amount of people fishing this season increased at the high number Alyssa isn't sure the same increase will happen with outdoor winter activities.  She says hunting, ice fishing and other fall/winter outdoor activities could see a spike is the spring/summer trend continues.

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