ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we go behind the walls of St. Cloud Technical High School and see the issues District 742 says the school faces.

While the nearly 100-year-old building may stand tall from the outside, inside it's a different story.

District 742 Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Bryan Brown has spent 26 years watching these problems grow.

"The electrical panels, the roofing, plumbing it's coming to a point where you can't band-aid it anymore we have to do major work here," says Brown.

Brown says to keep the school running is about $2-million a year, and the District 742 says they face bigger problems with code changes, asbestos cleanup and more.

"If something big happens we are not going to be closing school down for a few days, it may be months. And it's not if it will happen, it's when will it happen," says Brown.

The School Board has a proposal for a new Tech High School, which will be put to vote on November 3rd.

Brown says if it passes it will not only open up advancements to students but save costs in the long run.

"The money we would save could then be used for a lot of our other schools that are in need of a lot of maintenance work too," says Brown.

So no matter which way you plan to vote in the upcoming referendum Brown says you're still encouraged to come tour the facility and see for your self.

"We do tours every Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. for the general public to come in and see what this building is all about," says Brown.

If you wish to tour Tech High School your asked to meet outside door 20.

Building and Ground Supervisor Bryan Brown talks about the need upgrades at Tech. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)