BECKER (WJON News) - While teachers and administrators statewide are enjoying the start of winter break, teachers at Becker Public Schools are waiting for upcoming contract mediation.

Teachers in Becker have been working without a contract since the beginning of the school year and staged a “soft” Work-To-Rule demonstration earlier this week.

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A “Work-To-Rule” demonstration is where teachers are asked to only work their contracted hours. Teachers are asked to refrain from bringing work home, arriving early, or staying late to help students catch up on work or retake tests.

Becker Association President Karen Landsverk hopes the demonstration shows the community that teachers work much more than their contract allows.

We're hoping they will see that we do so much more than just our day-to-day teaching, but that we put our heart and soul into making sure that all of our students get what they need by coming in early and working with them, or staying late, or making sure that we're communicating those things out to parents.

Landsverk says they held a “soft” demonstration to minimize the effects on students before the winter break.

BEA officials say negotiations continue on staffing issues and an adequate number of substitute teachers. Mediation is scheduled between the two parties in early January.

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