WAITE PARK - The search for a missing man has authorities lowering the water level in Quarry 8 at the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve.

Stearns County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Bruce Bechtold says they're pumping water out, after St. Cloud Police got a report of the missing man a few days ago.

"We found belongings that would belong to this person that's missing and we have reason to believe he my have taken his own life. So we decided to dive in that quarry to see if we could find his body."

Bechtold says divers have been unsuccessful due to debris, murky water, and the depth of the quarry. He says visitors to the park won't be impacted.

"It's not a very highly visited area, it's towards the back and we'll restrict access to that area. It's not an area were swimmers go or fishermen go."

ColdSpring Granite will start pumping water out of the quarry this (Tuesday) morning. Divers probably won't resume their search until Friday.

The parks director says the water will eventually refill the quarry on its own.