ST. CLOUD - Fifth grade students at Talahi Community School took part in a kindness and leadership retreat on Friday.

Youth Frontiers is a nonprofit organization that led the retreat. Jean Culp is a retreat staff member and says the goal was to create a more positive school community.

"Our goal for today is to have each 5th grader in this room experience one day where they experience nothing but kindness and then have them commit to one act of kindness they will fulfill through the school year."

Students were greeted by enthusiastic staff and volunteers to take part in group activities in an effort to create a more welcoming culture in the school.

"The students also get a chance to share with others what they'll be doing to make their school a kinder place," Culp says.

Community participants included the Lions Club, Promise Neighborhood and Talahi graduates who are now seniors in high school.

Community volunteers and Principal Kate Flynn welcome students. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)