It's expensive to live these days.

Everything's expensive. Food. Homes. Gas. And other monthly expenses we lovingly call "the bills."

doxoINSIGHTS has released its 2024 Cost of Bills Index Report that looks compares the costs of paying the bills in one area compared to other areas.

The Report compares the costs of those monthly bills -- mortgate, rent, auto loans, utilities, health and auto insurance, cable and internet, mobile phone plans, alarm and security costs and life insurance.

What it found for the St. Cloud area is:

  • the cost of household bills in St. Cloud is slightly lower (1%) than the national average, but 5% higher than the state average. We're the 47th most expensive city in Minnesota for household expenses.
  • the average St. Cloud household pays $2,098 a month to cover the bills. That's $25,176 a year.
  • the average St. Cloud area resident spends 40% of their income paying household bills based on an annual household income of $63,224.


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Here's the average monthly payments in St. Cloud:

  • Mortgage -- $1,314
  • Rent -- $949
  • Auto loans -- $493
  • Utilities -- $205
  • Health insurance -- $345
  • Car insurance -- $332
  • Cable/internet -- $73
  • Mobile -- $73
  • Alarm/Security -- $108
  • Life insurance -- $211

You can see how St. Cloud compares to the national averages by each category.

The most expensive states to pay bills? Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maryland.

Minnesota ranks 18th. Wisconsin -- 27th. Iowa -- 34th. North Dakota -- 33rd. South Dakota -- 42nd.

The least expensive state to pay the bills? West Virginia, followed by Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

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