SAUK RAPIDS -- Working with pigs may seem easy to do, but ask 18-year-old Mitchell Rothfork, and he will tell you that's not true.

She's difficult to walk sometimes, especially in the summer. You don't want to always go out and walk your pig, sometimes it's hard to make time for them.

Rothfork says he has faced many challenges raising his pig Rosalie, and has learned a lot of creative solutions, while at the same time striking a balance.

You use your knees more instead of the whip, sometimes they don't understand you hitting them. It's better to use your body weight against them. And sometimes you just can't force them because they are stubborn and will resist you.

He says raising and training a pig means you're also working on bettering yourself.

You learn kindness with the animals. It not only reflects in the pigs I take care of, but I also have dogs and cows. It's nice to build a bond with the pig.

Rothfork has done all this hard work to showcase his lifelong knowledge and skill at the Benton County Fair. As a result of his efforts, Rosalie took home a blue ribbon.

This story was written by WJON Intern Sarv Mithaqiyan.

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