I don't know what it's like to be a single mom, but I'd like to think if ever I was, this is what I'd want me kid to be like. In a savage, yet hilarious, move a young Avalanche fan was at a game recently looking for a new hockey stick.

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Specifically a stick from Colorado Avalanche player Nathan MacKinnon. The ice hockey center has been an exceptional player for the team since he was drafted as the first overall pick from the team back in 2013. Hailing out of Canada, and reading up on his career I can see where this kid would be wanting a stick from the player.

But it wasn't so much that he wanted to get a stick, it's what the kid was willing to give up for it. In the picture that is making the rounds all over the country now, the kid holds up a sign offering to trade his mom's number for his hockey stick. On the handmade sign though, there are only three digits given and if you're from Minnesota you didn't have to look up where there area code comes from. You know it's from our state, no doubt about it.

218 area code
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Image Credit: Elkman via Wikimedia
Image Credit: Elkman via Wikimedia

If you're wondering how is it a Minnesota number? It shouldn't be surprising since the Minnesota Wild played the Colorado Avalanche on February 15, when they faced off in the Xcel Energy Center. So with an educated guess, I'm fairly certain that's when it was taken, but don't take quote me on that. Either way, lets be honest who else is thinking, who's the kid and who's mom? Also was it the young Avalanche fan who made the sign or did mom cleverly help make it?

We might never know, but I would like to know, did the kid get his stick and I wonder what MacKinnon's girlfriend Charlotte thought of the sign? Because how can you not laugh at it!

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