Do you have stinky feet stories you're willing to share with the rest of the world? If you are one of the brave, you could win a 5 year supply of socks.  Heck! For a 5 year supply of socks, I think a lot of folks will be making up stinky feet stories.

Some people don't have to though...right?

I wonder if they will make you send in your stinky socks with your story, to verify that you're telling the truth?


Anyway...if you or someone in your family really has a problem with smelly feet, these socks can change your life. It's worth trying. A read a story about a lady who said her sons foot odor was atrocious.  She heard about these socks, bought a pair, and said they were 'LIFE CHANGING."  That's a major statement. Talk about relief. Her kid had to leave his shoes and socks in the garage...but yuck...who wants to come out to the fresh smell of rotting feet first thing in the morning when you leave for work? That foot odor can follow a person around too. I had a friend in college who absolutely had a terrible problem with this. It was hard to be in the same room. A new pair of shoes and socks would have been life changing for her.


If you have a stinky feet story; and you think it's good enough to qualify for some free socks, just click HERE now and you'll be able to enter. FYI: The 5 year supply of socks is defined as 12 pair of socks...but hey...It's 12 pair of socks!