ALBANY- This week's All-Star Student is active in both music and sports at Albany High School. Kevin Lamb sings tenor in the high school choir, and plays the trombone in the band.

Kevin Lamb
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)
Kevin Lamb
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"I have been singing all of my life, but I started choir here in seventh grade," says Kevin, "My brother had a trombone, and I just took that one so we didn't have to buy a new instrument, and it turned out that I really enjoy it."

High School Band Director Galen Johnson says Kevin has tons of energy when it comes to performing.

"He's the kind of guy who will want to play in every single ensemble that he can be in," says Johnson, "For instance, there are two jazz bands at our school, and he's absolutely the top trombone player in Jazz 1 ensemble, but he loves to play. So he'll come down, and play with our Jazz 2 ensemble. He just loves it."

Kevin's musical talent extends beyond high school performances. He has written over 200 songs for all sorts of instruments.

In my free time I actually play the piano, and I write some of my own music. I actually really like writing for string quartets, but I do write some piano stuff too.

Although he has not performed any of his original music, it is still available for the public to hear.

"I put them online on a site called noteflight.com. Some of them are private, you can't see those, but a lot are public. Anyone can view them, listen to them, comment on them, that sort of thing," says Kevin.

Kevin is a student of the sport.

Between choir, band, and writing songs Kevin still found time to run in cross country. He started in the seventh grade, and ran varsity starting in the eight grade. That was the first year he made it to the state meet.

Kevin placed in the top 28 at state this year, but Albany Head Coach Kathy Conrad says that wasn't his only big achievement.

"He probably didn't tell you when he was running at Roy Griak, when he was running with over 200 people at the University of Minnesota he finished 23rd," says Conrad, "He's very, very humble. State, coming in the top 28 is amazing, especially when you're not running as a team, you don't have pack helping you out."

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