Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for May 18, 2017.



RAINY WEATHER -- More rain in the forecast, Friday through Sunday morning. It's been a rainy week -- about 2 inches here in the St. Cloud metro area.


TEENAGER FOUND ALIVE -- A missing Annandale teenager has been found alive. 17-year-old Aaliyah Kazimer was found safe in Riverside Park near Munsinger Gardens Wednesday afternoon. Police say she left on her own and there's nothing criminal in their investigation. The teen told police she was staying with an adult man in a house in St. Cloud, who didn't know she was a minor -- or missing.


FATAL CRASH -- The State Patrol is looking for witnesses who saw a deadly crash between a van and semi Saturday afternoon in Richmond. 19-month old Colton Walz died following that crash.


FOLEY SCHOOL THREAT -- Police are at Foley High School today after rumors of a possible threat. School officials say there's no confirmation, but a letter WAS sent home to parents Wednesday. Classes are running as normal today -- but with a law enforcement presence.


BUDGET STANDOFF -- With only a few days to go before the state legislature must adjourn, Governor Mark Dayton and state lawmakers are in a standoff. They're at odds on how to use a $1.65-billion dollar surplus.


VIKINGS TRAINING CAMP -- The Minnesota Vikings could be at a new training camp in Eagan as soon as next year. A new facility will be ready soon after Super Bowl, and the Vikes could start using it next year. The team's trained in Mankato since 1966.


SMITHSONIAN EXHIBIT -- A photo exhibit celebrating America in the 1970s opens this weekend at the Stearns History Museum. It takes an in-depth look at the 70s through the lens of 70 renowned photographers. That exhibit -- open from Saturday through mid-July.


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