FOLEY - Foley school district administrators and staff are on alert Thursday after hearing rumors of a possible threat made.

Superintendent Paul Neubauer says they first heard the rumor Wednesday, but they haven't been able to confirm anything. He says there was also a rumor of a hit list, but haven't been able to find anything like that.

A letter was sent home to parents Wednesday. Neubauer says he's been meeting with concerned parents this morning.  He says they are working with families and students who have concerns.

Nuebauer says officers with the Foley police department and deputies with the Benton County Sheriff's Office have been at the school since early Thursday morning, and will be there throughout the course of the day.

He says some of the rumor is being attributed to a specific student, but that hasn't been confirmed.  He says, "all I can say is we have not had an expulsion."

Classes at Foley high school are running as normal Thursday.

WJON news has messages in to the Foley Police Department to get more information on this story.  Check back for more details later.