There are 4 Contestants remaining on The Voice 2018, and the winner will be crowned this evening. The show will air at 7 pm central on NBC. Who do you think deserves to win?


Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli.  Young beautiful Brynn looks just like our own Abbey! She's very talented. Newsweek is picking Brynn as this years champion, based on her performance of "Skyfall."  It was good, but I disagree that she should be this years winner. She's an excellent singer; however, she is a little green still. I think there is some seasoning left to do here.

Team Alicia:  Britton Buchanan.  Britton...My My My. My cousin Gina says no no no...but I think he has a really good chance of winning. From a fan standpoint, he's got the younger voters.....He's got the awkward moves of Mick Jagger, confidence, talent, and a unique voice.   I think he'll be the 1st runner up.

Team Blake:  Spensha Baker. Spensha has a beautiful voice; great stage presence. She's very talented and she oozes likeability. However, I can't figure out what genre fits her voice. Because of this unknown; I don't think she'll be the overall winner.

Team Blake: Kyla Jade.  This woman. The Voice we all dream of. The voice that demands your attention. The voice that gives you chills. Her rich history in gospel shines through. Her Aretha Franklin soul is evident. She has been a backup singer for Jennifer Hudson. There is no doubt; No one deserves this title more than she does. She's worked for it. She is untouchable. She is beautiful. She is my pick for The Voice 2018 winner.




In the past, winners of The Voice received $100,000 and a recording contract. However, this year, the only thing I have seen about a prize is a recording contract.  No cash. The website doesn't even list the name of the label the recording contract is with. I wonder if any of the Contestants realized that this year? What the heck?


I'm sort of disappointed in The Voice for paying out millions of dollars to the judges and host, and there's no cash prize any more.  The Contestants get a stipend while they are working on the show; which pays for their food and lodging while they are on the program.

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