MINNEAPOLIS -- It is getting to be that time of the year when Minnesotans start thinking about booking a vacation to a warm destination during the cold winter months.

Kyle Potter is the Executive Editor at ThriftyTraveler.com based in Minneapolis. He says if you book now there really is very little risk as long as you make sure that you're booking a flight that qualifies for free changing or cancellations.

On the bright side almost every airline especially the big airlines like Delta, American, and United any ticket purchased by the end of the year can be changed or canceled for free, and if you cancel you get a voucher.  So that means as long as you buy before December 31st, you can get a good deal to that beach destination.

Potter says the worst-case scenario would be that you get a voucher that you can use up to a year later.

He also suggests that when you're booking things like hotels, excursions, and other things that they also have a free cancellation policy.

He says right now Mexico is the only international destination with no real restrictions on Americans.

You have to fly you can't drive there right now, but flights have been going from the United States to Mexico and back pretty much undaunted for the last several months and there are no testing requirements to get in, which for some people that's a bad thing.

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