We are all tired of winter weather hanging around a little too long this year. One of the biggest signs of spring for many of us is when Mr. Twisty opens its doors after being closed throughout our long cold winters. Well, the good news is here! Mr. Twisty in St. Cloud has set its opening date.

I visited Mr. Twisty's Facebook page and they had a message:

Mr. Twisty, at 5821 Ridgewood Road in St. Cloud will be opening their doors on Friday, April 14th! Once again you'll be able to enjoy their delicious menu of food, along with their signature cones and cups with googly eyes included.

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Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

I remember the first time I had a Mr. Twisty cone. They were promoting their red, white and blue cones for the July 4th celebration.  It was a mix of cherry and raspberry ice along with a scoop of delicious vanilla in the center, of course, topped with the signature Mr. Twisty googly eyes on top.

Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes
Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes

I don't know if it was because of the taste of the icy raspberry with vanilla ice cream, the fact that it was blistering hot, or the little googly eyes that sat atop of my cone, but I had a great experience and now I'm a frequent flyer.

Even my adult kids get excited when I say, "Hey! You wanna go to Mr. Twisty after work?"  Mr. Twisty's got me twisted around their little finger, and I for one will be there with bells there on opening day. Happy Spring!

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