WAITE PARK -- The Waite Park City Council unanimously voted to move forward with their finalized 2013 Capital Improvement Projects this morning.

The $5 million bonding project will be used for road and trail construction along with street and alley repair. Improvements will be made along Frontage Road near Parkwood Cinema and Second Avenue.

City administrator Shaunna Johnson says the majority of the project is designated for alley repair.

There will be some reconstruction work along alley ways that include drainage improvements.

The city will be improving Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue, Fourth Avenue to Fifth Avenue, Fifth avenue to Sixth Avenue, Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue and some avenues west of Tenth Avenue.

Johnson says there are other alley ways that are in need of improvement that were not included in the Capital Improvement Plan.

She says she hopes the city will be able to dedicate funds to improve those areas in the future.

In separate action the council also approved construction for a new intersection at 17th Avenue and Highway 23. The Highway 23 intersection is slated to be closed off at Fourth Avenue.