WAITE PARK - Conversations have been swirling at the U.S. Senate this week about proposed legislation to block people on the no-fly list from buying guns.

Other measures of proposed gun control were also voted down earlier this week after a filibuster from Senate Democrats.

A Waite Park gun shop says the national conversation on gun control has led to a growing interest from the Central Minnesota community for modern sporting rifles.

Adam Scepaniak is the CMO of the Guns and Gear Store, he says in an email to WJON that many patrons are looking to buy a gun for personal defense or protection.

"The media reports more and more violence, crime and upsetting news daily and people want to protect themselves and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights more than ever."

Modern sporting rifles can include semi-automatic rifles based on the AR-15 platform and several semi-automatic shotguns.

"We've seen lots of customers showing more interest because of the recent talk of banning them."

On the other hand, Deborah Baier, the co-owner of Firing Line Indoor Range in Sauk Rapids, offers a different perspective. She says gun sales seem to have remained stable since the Orlando shooting and talks of legislation.

"I haven't seen a great surge in either direction, prior or after the most recent shooting."

Baier adds that interest in their gun safety courses has grown specifically with women this summer.

"There's an interest in learning the safety standpoint and proper handling of a firearm."

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