I was joined today by Stearns County License Center Supervisor Laura Laudenbach on WJON.  She says those needing to update their tabs can do so online, by calling 320-656-6540, or by using the West Service Center drive thru.  She acknowledges going through the drive-thru can take up to 2 hours which is why she suggests people ordering their tabs over the phone or online.  She says those needing to update their driver's license can only do so by setting an appointment.  She said generally it only takes 20 minutes for people to get their license updated and that includes a new picture.  She says masks are required inside but pictures are done without masks.


Driver's licenses come in a variety of forms, the normal driver's license, the enhanced and Real ID.  The enhanced and Real IDs take a bit longer because of background check information that is gathered.  She says you can expect to get your enhanced or Real ID within 4-6 weeks while a normal driver's license will take around 3-4 weeks.  When it comes to how long someone should expect to wait for tabs when ordering online or over the phone, she says around 4 weeks due to processing and possible mail delays.

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