BOWLUS -- Two people were arrested for allegedly robbing a Morrison County home Friday morning.

The home is on 450th Street, south of Bowlus.

The Morrison County Sheriff's office says 29-year-old James Maldonardo from St. Cloud and 28-year-old Amanda Rockenbach from Sauk Rapids stole from Maldonardo's step-father.

The homeowner called the sheriff's office shortly after 11:00 a.m., to tell deputies he interrupted Maldonardo and Rockenbach robbing his property. The two fled from the home with scrap metal and copper.

The Morrison County Sheriff's office alerted area scrap metal dealers about the theft. Northern Metal Recycling in St. Cloud called police saying the suspects were at their business.

Both Maldonardo and Rockenbach were taken to the Morrison County Jail pending formal charges.