ST. CLOUD - A three-sport high school athlete is rare these days.

Even more rare is a three-sport captain high school athlete, like senior Mara Weaver at St. Cloud Tech.

Mara Weaver during a basketball practice. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"It's definitely part of my personality to help be a leader. I've never been one to just sit back and let it happen."

Weaver is a natural leader in soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Soccer is her favorite sport and she starts on the basketball team, typically as a point guard. Weaver picked up lacrosse a few years back during her sophomore year when a friend told her it was almost like a combination of soccer and basketball.

Her schedule can get hectic with constant practices year-round, but she wouldn’t trade it away for anything.

"Last winter I would have basketball practice and then I'd have soccer practice after [for] three days a week. So it was kind of a juggling act but it's worth it."

Head coach Karl Heine says it’s become rare for high school students to be involved in three sports.

"Just an enormous amount of activities. A three sport athlete which doesn't happen very often anymore, along with being a three sport captain, it's practically unheard of."

On top of the sports, Weaver also finds time for other activities and volunteering. She's the treasurer of the Tech National Honor Society, is involved in Spanish Club and is also active in her church through teaching Sunday school and mission trips.

Weaver is interested in the medical field and is considering attending Marquett University in the future.

"I'm in a class right now where I shadow health professionals around town. I do 24 hours each semester."