If you aren't familiar with Len Ladehoff that's ok, by the end of reading this you will be. Len suffered catastrophic injuries in October 2023 after losing control of his vehicle on an icy road. The vehicle struck a pole and ejected Len from the vehicle. He suffered some awful injuries, but Len is a fighter, and now the town of Bock is rallying around him on June 8th in an incredible show of community.

I found the social media event page, that gives a better explanation of what happened to Len and how you can help.

On the evening of October 30th, 2023, Len Ladehoff was involved in a life-altering car accident. The vehicle lost control on icy roads while navigating a curve, resulting in a collision with a telephone pole and Len was ejected from the vehicle. His injuries were extensive, including multiple broken ribs, collapsed lungs, a fractured sternum, vertebral fractures, a fractured hip and pelvis, facial tears, and a broken leg. As a result of the life-threatening injuries, doctors had no choice but to amputate both of Len's legs, along with most of his fingers. Currently, Len is recovering at home and undergoing therapy for his injuries three times a week.

The journey to recovery comes with a significant financial burden, as Len faces substantial medical bills, including the cost of apparatuses to aid him in walking again. Despite the challenges ahead, Len's resilience shines through, and with the support of his family and community, he remains hopeful for the future.

We are holding a benefit for Len on June 8th to support his recovery efforts. The event will kick off with a Bike Run starting at the Dirty Blonde in Bock, MN, with sign-up at 10 am and kickstands up at 11 am. Following the bike run, starting at 4 pm, there will be silent and live auctions, BBQ (free-will offering), and other evening festivities at the Howling Dog in Bock, MN. Your participation and support are greatly appreciated. If you have questions please text 763-310-7670.

If you wish to help volunteer, gather donations, donate, or do anything to help with the benefit, please feel free to text 763-310-7670 and someone will get back to you with details.
I am beyond impressed that not one, not two, but three bars in Bock are teaming up to help with this event! How amazing, and a testament to Len and his family and friends in fighting to make sure he gets the assistance he needs.

If the town of Bock, can rally around around Len for a day, we can too.

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