A lot of things were changed, and others modified, as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold around the world. Several of the modifications involved how we interacted with those working in the retail/restaurant environment.

Gone were the days of handing your debit/credit card to the person working the drive-thru window. Instead, they now wielded a long stick that kind of resembled a selfie-stick, with the credit card reader attached to the end of it.

For the most part, fast food restaurants now handle your card... albeit with gloved hands. The sticks still pop up once in a while but it seems to (at least anecdotally) be a less common occurrence in 2023.

Another safety measure that was implemented in stores were the glass/plexiglass partitions that separated the cashiers from the public. For me personally, these were really tough because I am already a shy mumbler in public and adding a barrier between me and the person that needs to be able to understand me led to frustration for both parties. Add in the mask requirement and it is a wonder any of my transactions got completed in the first place.

Well, as of Thursday, the partitions at the Crossroads Target location have come down and I am free to mumble directly to the person helping me as opposed to awkwardly dropping down below the bottom of the partition to get my words out.


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