ROYALTON -- Criminal charges are expected against two people from Onamia after reports of a home burglary, property damage at a business near Royalton and a stolen pickup.

The Morrison County Sheriff's Office received a burglary report back on June 18th at a home north of Royalton in Bellevue Township. A pickup that was reported stolen was left at the scene.

The sheriff's office received a property damage report the following day at a nearby business. Surveillance video showed the stolen pickup crashing through a metal gate and another vehicle involved.  The sheriff says they identified the driver of the pickup as 36-year-old Blaine Beaulieu and the driver of the other vehicle as 21-year-old Simone Boyd-Evans.

Two other home break-ins in the area are also being investigated for possible links to the suspects.

Beaulieu and Boyd-Evans are being held in the Mille Lacs County Jail on unrelated charges.